Tranquil Sunday Mornings

There are some moments that Hazel is truly hilarious.  For me, it's those moments that make up for all the spit-up down my shirt moments (although the rare minutes of quiet when they are newborn are pretty awesome too).  Hazel lately has been working her comic muscle.  This morning was one of those times; it's not that she was doing knock-knock jokes or anything, but I got the feeling that she just thought EVERYTHING was funny, and she was just acting crazy.  For someone who has to relate complex theory in long papers I have done a poor job of describing this, so naturally I'll just let the pictures tell you the story.  

Now you get it, right?  She was insane!  So awesome.  
Here are a couple of bonus pictures from yesterday in the green!  All these photos kind of look the same, but I have to post them anyway 😉
Made in the Shade(s)RunningPigtails

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