Cookie Monster

Tonight was another one of the rapidly dwindling firsts Hazel has experienced:  her first cookie.  Amos was baking our favorite cookies for some friends of ours.  We came up with the recipe and named them Buttermilk Snickerdoodlers (now that is a long story) and they are full of delicious, healthy stuff.  This batch features carob chips, cinnamon, kefir, and almonds.  

We don't make them too often, but they are an awesome treat every now and then.  Amos suggested letting Hazel have one, since she "helped" him cook them, so of course I got out my camera!  I had to document this child's first cookie; we have made sure to not fill her diet up with unnecessary sugar, and what she has had has mainly been honey-sweetened whatever, so this was a BIG DEAL.  Except that, apparently, it's kind of not that big a deal!  She just started to eat the cookie like it was a totally regular, normal kind of thing for her.  So funny!

Amos and I sat down with our own Snickerdoodler, with Hazel in her high chair close by to the table.  She was doing great, just eating her cookie like any old normal thing, but suddenly she started to cough a little.  Then a little more.  Then she turned red.  Then she was choking.
It was over in a matter of seconds; first I smacked her back, but when I saw that she had food completely blocking her airway and that she wasn't breathing at all, I picked her up and gave her the Heimlich.   Up came the cookie, plus all her dinner, on her hands, the rest of the cookie, the tray, and me.  
The poor girl's first cookie experience was a disaster!  She not only had her first cookie, but she also threw up for the first time.  

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