Getting Ready for the Move

As I have very recently finished my two giant papers (30 pages I wrote!  Yes I am bragging a little!) I have had more time to focus on packing and sorting, since Hazel still goes to her sitter everyday.  Yesterday I got sorted on one of the most important parts of any big trip – the knitting.  Yes, the knitting.  I can't be driving 20 hours, then waiting a week for our stuff to meet us in Bama, without knowing how I'm going to keep these hands busy!!  :D  

Are you ready for some sock yarn porn?  I am!  These are the new sock yarns I bought recently from Knit Picks, which just arrived yesterday and deserved their own pictures!

Lovely, right?  The blue is for my feet!  Any knitter will tell you that knitting for yourself happens rarely, and when I saw this yarn I just knew that I needed it on my feet every night for the rest of my days.  The green and brown will become socks for two lucky recipients; the brown most likely for Amos, and the green as a Christmas gift for some lucky duck.
This gorgeous yarn was an awesome surprise from my friend Clara last night at knitting!
This is going to be a beautiful and fun knit for Hazel.  I'm not even sure what it will be, yet.  Maybe tights, with feet and all, or maybe a little wrap/sweater deal.  Whatever I make it is going to be super fun to knit with a yarn called Cartoon!

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3 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the Move

  1. Girl you have to check out!! They are an online-only store, so that cuts some costs right there. The sock yarns on the top were all $10 for 100 grams, which is enough for an adult-sized pair of socks, and they are superwash merino!! I have the Harmony wood interchangeable needle set from them, which I also love. Seriously, I have yet to be disappointed; all my recent projects (not that I've knit a lot during this hectic time) have used yarn from these guys, and I am totally addicted now.

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