Football Socks and Clinton Adventures

I finished Hazel's Auburn Pride Socks last night!  They are just slightly too big, which is perfect; by the time game day rolls around, they should fit nicely!  War Damn Eagle!  I was too excited to try and wait for some nice light coming in the windows, so here's a picture in the early morning blue light.

I know this is a kind of crappy picture, and it's because Hazel was staring at Monsters Inc. like she's never seen that movie.  I'm serious – take a look:  
Yep.  She's a zombie.
Luckily she eventually recovered, because we have had a busy day already!  First we met up with the gorgeous Pat Murphy for some coffee and poker.
The gamblerThe gambler

And then we got to have a delicious lunch at Nola's with Amos and Hazel's honorary aunts!  I even made them all take a picture together, although it is obvious that Hazel was interested in walking around more than posing.
Thanks, everyone, for such a beautiful day so far!  Although Amos has an awards banquet tonight (good luck, Amos and Pat, for the Excellence in Teaching Award!), Hazel and I have planned another walk, this time to the Post Office to see our friend Valerie, which will end in some outside playing time if Mama's fingers aren't frozen off.  It's sunny out today, I know, but tell it to the icicles I have for fingers 😉

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