Moving so far away, combined with the onset of spring, has spurred a flurry of social activity lately.  We are lucky to have met so many wonderful people during our time here, and we want to see everyone before we go, since we are unlikely to make it back here until at least next year.  Last evening Brittany came to see Hazel and I while Amos was away at the SUNY IT Awards Banquet; Hazel was hilarious, showing Brittany all her toys and her bed.  At one point I'm pretty sure she threw a curse at us, complete with pointing.  

Today has absolutely flown by!  We packed some this morning (well, Amos did; I got to sleep in until 8:20!!), then headed off to Common Thread's open greenhouse.  That CSA has been a big part of our experience here, and we are going to miss the farm itself almost as much as the awesome owners, Amy and Chris.  We got to meet their absolutely adorable baby girl Georgie for the first time as well; holding her sweet little 3-month-old self made me acutely aware of my empty uterus.  Yes, I DID just say that, Hazel's grandmothers!  :)
FarmLittle girlMama & HazelGreenhouse

Afterwards we had lunch at Eddie and Zina's, this tiny diner on our way to the farm.  Last year we would stop there on the way to the farm every Saturday, since we were up early with a one-year-old.  It was bittersweet, eating there once again.  I took a couple of photos of Hazel, who loves to eat, loves eating in diners, and kind of likes having her picture taken.
Doesn't she look so serious and beautiful?  I love her smile, but I love her composed face also.  It makes her look curiously adult to me, which is also kind of saddening.
In this one, though, she is clearly wondering why no food is in front of her, which is just SO HAZEL!
Tonight we are headed up to Thuy, this amazing noodle place in downtown Utica.  There is absolutely no decor, and the ambience comes directly from the big television in the corner, but I would put up with guerilla warfare for this woman's #12 soup.  

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