This is for Nancy.

Hazel's St. Louis grandma requested some new photos to replace the creepy one of Hazel in the diner on Saturday, claiming that Hazel's computer eyes follow her all around her office.  These grandparents will do anything for some new Hazel footage!!  :D

So here you go!  These are all from Hazel's bath tonight; nothing really special, but definitely replaces the creepy diner stare!
And here are some pictures, all in black and white, since the bathroom light is a nasty yellowish-gross!  I love these pictures, even though they are grainy and kind of blurry, because one day they will remind me of the times when Hazel could never sit still, not even in the bathtub.  This is the Age of Movement for her, and for Amos and I too, as we chase after her from 6:20 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  I want to remember it like it was, because she changes so rapidly.
That one might be another contender in the "Creepy Hazel Stare" award, jeez.  At least she's not looking right at us, Nancy!!
Hey, this is a public blog!  :)

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