More Pictures!

Today was a weird day.  I'm basically done with school work for this semester; I only lack two finals, both of which will be posted next week.  In English, at this point in my career at least, I don't have to really study for tests.  Instead, I have to do all the reading beforehand and just be prepared to write an essay.  So today was a total off-day for me!  I had no school work, no packing, no baby, no agenda!  It was fun, but also a little difficult.  I mean, I got kind of bored!!!  I played the Sims 2, which I love, did some knitting, puttered around, but by 2 pm I was super ready for Amos and Hazel to be home.  I know all you working moms hate me right now; Amos gave me a little bit of what I like to call "Voldemort Eyes" when I told him about that.  LOL

After they got in we did our usual, when it's sunny out – we took Hazel to the village green, with a snack, and let her play until dinnertime.  Here are a few pictures from our outing 🙂
First things first:  a girl's gotta eat, and this one loves it.  She's eating these awesome bran/raisin muffins we have been getting from Tom's.  We could make them (we even have their recipe, I think), but it's especially convenient right now to just stop downstairs and get a homemade snack that we can all share for $0.75.
These cool chairs are out in front of the Ali-Linz store in Clinton; Hazel thought it was cool to sit in one, and she thought it was cooler to see Daddy sitting in the other.

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