Early Mother’s Day

As you all know, because I've said it in every post since finding out, we're moving back to Alabama soon (4 days!).  So Mother's Day this year is even lower on our priority list than it normally is.  See, I cared about it when I was pregnant, and I'll care about it in a couple of years when Hazel starts making gifts for me, but in the interim it doesn't matter much.  That's why I was completely happy to get a card from Amos tonight (he couldn't wait until Sunday because, he said, he would probably forget and pack the card, lol) featuring the following poem:

A Mother's Day Poem
By Daddo (Hazel's name for him) Confer
Mothers make treasures,
Mothers make joy,
Mothers make babies,
Whether girls or boys.
Good mothers won't stand
For messes of toys,
But great mothers feed babies
Quinoa and soy.
Underneath the poem he included a sailor in a classic rowboat saying "Ahoy matie [sic]…get it?  You're my mate…ie."  Beside the boat was a baby shark/fish and a buoy.  All of this was in a card with a tiny, newborn, stripey kitten on the front.  <3
I love my goofy, awesome husband.

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