Packing the Essentials.

Today was a cold, snowy day.  Yes, snowy – thank you, central New York!  That plus a very empty kitchen led Amos and I to ordering a pizza for lunch/dinner, something we have gotten away from in the past couple of years.  He ordered a large at lunchtime, thinking we could have the leftovers for another of our next few meals here.  Turns out this place was having a special for Mother's Day, turning the "large" into "Mother's Day large."

Yes, that slice IS as big as his arm!  After eating this today, I think I'm good on pizza until maybe Christmas.  Despite our insane pizza, this Mother's Day was very quiet.  Amos did some packing, mostly his closet & office things that I have left while packing up my own personal stuff, and I tried to keep Hazel out of dangerous situations.  Mostly I succeeded, but we did let her help with the packing, a little.

She was having a blast in that box!  I was really happy, too, because she has started to get a little jumpy because of the move, I believe.  Tomorrow she goes back to her regular routine at her sitter's house, where she will also be Tuesday, and then we're off on Wednesday sometime.  I'm ready to get this thing over with!  All the planning and packing has taken us a couple of months, so it will be nice to be onto the fun stuff, like shopping for our house and visiting friends & family all over the state.
As a bonus, here's a random picture of Hazel.  She was trying to look at the camera screen on the back; I think she even grabbed my arm, LOL.

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