Moving is hard, even when you hire movers!  

We have been in Alabama since late Thursday, but of course we've been crazy busy and discombobulated since.  Friday we were tired, Saturday the movers delivered, Sunday we had a family cook-out all day, and Monday & Tuesday we shopped/unpacked.  Today we are down to unpacking all the little incidentals, although Amos still has to move his ASU office stuff over there & unpack all of it.  Honestly, as busy as we have been, I don't have much to say about it.  I mean, I'm unpacking all our normal stuff, the same stuff that we had, and what new stuff we've gotten has been junk like dishcloths and sponges and toilet paper, and who cares about that stuff?  Not me!
I have taken a few pictures of Hazel playing and being silly with everyone.  She was a Nervous & Naughty Nellie for the first couple of days, but once we established some kind of routine here, even the temporary "we live at Nana's" one, she settled down a bit and has been having fun.  Watching her play and interact with everyone makes the extreme drop in salary worth it, although I admit to being pretty depressed about the tsunami our finances have taken because of this move/job change.
But anyway!  Pictures!  These will cheer up even the Grinch.
WagonFrisbeePigtailsPlayingSwimmingSwimming with DaddyDon't you love that face???Wagon

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