Settling In

We have lived in Alabama again for two weeks now, and both have been crazy, crazy hectic.  The first week we didn't even sleep over here, but instead unpacked, sprayed for ants, washed butt loads of clothes & towels, and just did some general cleaning.  Now that we've been in our house, with most of our things unpacked, it feels a little more like a home rather than some kind of vacation apartment or something.  Today I got to do all kinds of yard work!!  Our yard was insanely overgrown and does have some problems, namely the holes & trenches that the previous tenants' dogs dug all over the place.  The owner is having those filled in sometime this week or the next, so before that happened I wanted to cut the grass, because we could literally not see these holes because of all the undergrowth.  Plus, and you may not know this about me, but I love cutting the grass.  I have missed having a yard, even one I'm just renting, so badly for the last four years.  One day, when we buy a house, I am going to have the coolest garden, with tons of herbs growing wild all over the place.  But I digress – today it was just cool to get outside and at least get the yard under control.

But here's the best thing about where we live now – I called up Mama at work, and we are going shopping after she gets off work, just normal shopping for some pots and maybe starter plants.    That's the best part; just doing normal stuff together, seeing the family regularly.  Plus we are headed up to St. Louis next weekend for the Hoffman Ladies' Annual Tea, which Hazel and I have never been able to swing.  I love being so close to family, even though we miss our friends in New York.

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