Playing Ball

In the bright a$$ sun!!!  Jeez Louise is this picture overexposed!!  :)

Today was more like a normal day.  Hazel and I walked around a few stores after dropping Amos off at work, then came back for lunch, some ball-kicking in the newly mown yard, and nap time.  While Hazel slept I got to work on a new project:  stripping, sanding, and repainting the poles that hold up the carport on the side of our house.  The paint, which is of course several layers (and colors) thick, has been rusting away off these things for who knows how long.  Because they are rusty, and because Hazel is so small and could hurt herself, I have decided to redo the lot.  Amos helped me pick out the correct supplies, and today I got started, stripping & sanding two poles in the two hours that she naps.  It was hard, but satisfying, work.  
Next up on the docket is redoing a deep freeze that my mom and stepdad gave us.  This was secondhand to them, and while old and messed up on the cover, it works just fine.  I'm going to sand the whole thing, taking off the rust on the top, and repaint the whole thing white again.  I'm going to do that here in a few minutes so it can dry overnight without us running around. 
After that I'm planning to strip, sand, and stain this chest of drawers I have had for years.  It's white, badly painted, but real wood, and I got it at a thrift store right before we moved to New York.  Of course, after we got into the apartment I had no room for a project like that, but the carport that we don't use (the advantages of having only one car are countless!) is begging for some DIY!  Hey, I gotta have something to do in the month I'm off school!  When I start back with one class in July I'm sure this will slow a bit – well, probably.  I've been waiting for years to have the space to do these kinds of things, and now that I've got it I'm sure the novelty will not wear off anytime soon!  :)

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