Vacation Weekend: Take One

This past week Hazel and I settled more into our routine.  I went through the house like a maniac on Thursday, unpacking and hanging up wall art, until almost everything is in its new, proper place.  While doing so we were rocking out to some jams, some of which Hazel particularly liked:
By the way, can the still image for that video be any more goofy-looking??  LOL
After all this we began to prepare for our trip to St. Louis.  Every year the women on my mother-in-law's side get together for a tea party, a tradition that is sweet and fun and Hazel & I wanted to attend!  So we're getting all packed up, and literally 10 minutes before we walk out of the door, Amos (finally) calls his mom to touch base before the trip, and she tells us that the tea party is NEXT WEEKEND.  She wasn't expecting us whatsoever, and here we were, ready to put the rubber to the road!  After a quick meeting we all decided that we should just come up anyway.  After all, we're only 7 or so hours away instead of 22, so we can handle two weekends in a row!  Thus we have a two-part vacation with some normal work stuff tossed in the middle 🙂
Saturday, since Jim and Nancy had a scheduled band job, we decided to take Hazel to The Magic House.  This is the biggest and best children's museum I have ever been to!  It's been a St. Louis staple for the past thirty years, so while Amos has memories of visiting as a child, there has been so much more added and updated that it was new even to him.  Hazel had the BEST TIME.  She was running and jumping and playing like a crazed woman.  
This is Hazel playing on the musical chairs, which was the first thing we saw inside.  Her expression clearly shows the "holy moly I can do whatever I want in here" revelation that's running through her brain at that moment.  
Magic HouseMagic HouseMagic HouseMagic House

Obviously we'll be taking her there again.  She didn't even go outside of the little kids area; we still have a good 3/4 of the place to see, I would guess.  After a couple of hours here, which included a trip to the gift shop for some fun toys that I'm putting aside for her birthday, we headed back for a very long nap.
The rest of our trip was low-key, which was perfect.  We spent time out in Nancy and Jim's spectacular garden; we even headed home with some uprooted day lilies ready for replanting in our yard.  Next weekend we will be attending both a graduation party and the ladies' tea, so it will a whole 'nother kind of trip!  We are some lucky ducks, living fairly close to St. Louis again.
Is she smiling there?  Maybe?  LOL

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