Pickles and Stuff

Things have not really slowed down since the move, but at least it's all been fun stuff.

After going to St. Louis twice, the next weekend Hazel and I rode down to Fayetteville with Mama to see Granny & Grandpa.  For those of you who don't know, they live on a farm way back in the woods, so going there is kind of like going to a kind of Southern zen retreat.  There's no cell service, no computer, and no TV (they did recently upgrade to a DVD player/TV combo, where they screen religious romances and war movies, respectively).  Hazel had a blast dancing while Grandpa played the harmonica.  
I had fun picking squash, cucumbers, and blueberries, which I got to bring home!  The berries I froze, but the cucumbers looked like they needed a little something extra.  Something dilly and garlicky.  Oh yeah – pickles.
Now I've not really made pickles.  I tried to do it once before, and while they were pretty, I admit they were pretty sharp-tasting also.  This time around I went with a brine recipe from Smitten Kitchen for pickled carrot sticks, although I used cukes and carrot slices.  The brine is lovely, albeit a bit sweet for me, so next time I'm going to experiment with my own recipe.  This is the only picture I took, because after they had settled in the fridge for a day or so, I got too excited eating them to take a picture of the finished product!  

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