Sunday is SO not a day of rest.

One of my friends said that today, and I'll be hornswaggled if she didn't just put the lid on the jar right there.  (I'm being very indulgent in my Southern-ness these days.)

Yesterday I was strolling through one of my favorite close-out places and I saw the cute, yet irritating, trendy cookbook Deceptively Delicious that was such a biggie a few years ago.  When I saw the book I was at first annoyed all over again – I mean, why do vegetables have to be incorporated sneakily??  Granted, we don't have a picky eater in Hazel, but I think that's in part (if not wholly) due to our attitude about food and her role in the family's meals.  But I actually took a closer look through it because I've lately been interested in making desserts that I feel okay giving Hazel.  Now that I'm in Alabama again, and the family gets together regularly for big meals, I've felt horrible both eating very sugary desserts and in denying them to her.  As a result I've been looking into desserts that don't use processed ingredients and that incorporate vegetables in some way.  For that reason, plus the $3 price tag, I decided to give it a go.
Later that night, reading the book in bed, I realized that I actually like this book (still not interested in the title, though).  Jessica talks, albeit sparingly, about the focus on sugary food for kids as being the reason for her interest in writing this cookbook, and I can get behind that.  So today I decided to try her recipe for these cute little lemon cupcakes.  
And then I realized that this recipe called for five egg whites, meaning I'd have five yolks left, plus a lot of lemon…obviously I needed to make lemon curd to put with these cupcakes, since they would be frosting-less.
Egg Yolks & SugarAdding the Zest

In the end I had a delicious dessert that was only half decadent (that lemon curd has 3/4 c. of sugar and 3/4 of a stick of butter!!!).  Although my cupcakes stuck to the wrappers I was still pleased with the end result.  And after all this mess I grilled pork chops, then 10 ears of corn to combine with a simple vinaigrette for the Sunday family get-together, which is probably why I almost fell asleep in the car.  

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4 thoughts on “Sunday is SO not a day of rest.

  1. We should still have a couple if you want to stop by on your way home from work! They are nice, not too sweet, and you can't taste the squash at all. I'll be experimenting more with these recipes too. Oh now the lemon curd – that I CANNOT keep my hands off of! Please come and have some!!!! LOL

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