What’s better than three?

I am too exhausted because of our news, so I'm just gonna throw it out there in a most unimaginative way:  we are expecting a new little baby sometime in March!

And although we were trying, in that loosey-goosey way that doesn't involved hardcore Clomid or rigourous intercourse schedules, I did not think we'd hit the jackpot this month.  But then I noticed a distinct rise in the clumsiness incidents – I mean a sharp increase.  And then, a few days ago, Hazel and I were watching Sister Act 2, and you know that part where Lauryn Hill's mom tells her to quit the choir because singing does not put food on the table?  I had a kind of breakdown.  Who cries at that???  
The kicker came when, on Saturday, Amos and I were driving home from a trip to my grandparents' house and I mentioned a party I wanted to attend on the 3rd.  When he told me that it WAS the third, not the first like I had thought, my tired old brain got to thinking.  I thought about it all through cooking and putting up the vegetables we picked that morning at my grandparents', and on the way home from delivering some corn to my mom's house, I decided to stop for a pregnancy test (and both Mannequin movies, but that's beside the point).  The pack I got had three tests, so later I took one.  And another one.  And then another.  And they all said "You are about to get way more tired."  
So far those little tests have been right.  I fell asleep tonight in the car riding home from my mom's.  That's about an 8-mile drive.  Yeah.  Yesterday I had to take a 2-hour nap just to make it to 11 pm.  Otherwise I have felt ok – a little hormonal/emotional, which I hate, VERY clumsy, and a diminished appetite.  Mostly I am very tired, which I remember from the first trimester from Hazel, but overall I – we – are SUPER DUPER EXCITED.  I really liked being pregnant before, and we are excited to have another baby around!!
And in other news, we bought a bike trailer today for Hazel.  We are also shopping around for another bike for probably me, since Amos really likes the one we have already.  Biking is shaping up to be our favorite family activity!  Plus the trailer seats two kids 😀

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5 thoughts on “What’s better than three?

  1. Thanks everyone! I've been so tired that I have barely been paying attention to the blog, or taking new photos, but I hope that will pass soon enough. (I might be dreaming here, but please leave me to it! lol)

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