Hazel Update

Um, no, I haven't forgotten my firstborn!  These past few weeks, really since I was pregnant but before we knew I was, I have been so exhausted that the blog has fallen behind a bit.  All you silent but loyal readers are familiar with this phenomenon from me 🙂

I took this video this morning.  Hazel has become very interested in books – us reading them to her many times a day, and her reading them to us as well.  Here's a quick peek at her reading us a nursery rhyme book this morning:
You might notice how red this video is…sadly, this house doesn't get the same intense natural light as our apartment in New York.  The whole central AC thing is a nice trade-off, though.  
A friend of mine from high school recently studied and became a photographer, and seeing her pictures online has made me want to get my "big" camera out again.  Seriously, between school and moving and normal family stuff I haven't used that camera in months.  That's WEEKS X WEEKS people!  I like these little pictures I get from my tiny, very lightweight point & shoot, but I admit to always being bothered by the high red saturation, the blurriness, etc.  Yeah – I'm definitely getting out a bigger lens soon.  This weekend will be a great opportunity, since I found a farmer's market in Madison, about 25 minutes away from us.  I'm going to check it out this weekend, and hopefully every weekend until October!
In other news, I believe I have found an OB for this new baby (and, you know, for me after ol' Catfish is born – yes, we're calling the baby Catfish until we figure out if it is a boy or a girl, so be prepared to hear that nickname for at least 5 months!).  I was truly dismayed this morning to find out that there were only two – MALE – OB's in all of Athens.  You guys know me…do you think I'd want a dude messing with my lady parts during their most trying time?  Not so much!  So my hormones got a hold of me, and I might have said the F word a few times, but then I calmed down quite suddenly (thanks estrogen and progesterone!) and called the dude.  Turns out he has a female nurse practitioner, who is his wife, and a – wait for it – certified NURSE MIDWIFE who also work with him!!!  I felt like I had won a small lottery!  Then, when I made the appointment for next Monday and found out that the midwife would be covered by our insurance through the OB-GYN's practice, I felt like we'd won the Powerball!  I'm so excited about this.  I hope she doesn't suck.  I'll keep y'all updated; until then I'm just working on my poetry skills, which class is turning out to be super fun and kind of easy, and trying not to get too nauseated every time I see food, or smell food, or think of it, or someone else talks about it.

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