Morning, Afternoon, & Night Sickness

Oh child.  This new baby is definitely making his presence known.  I have been super nauseated for the past few weeks, unable to keep much down or even stomach the idea of eating at all.  Luckily I completely dodged this bullet when pregnant with Hazel, but this child is running me through the wringer.  Yesterday I met the midwife who will be delivering the baby, and after listening to me describe the situation, she prescribed a couple of anti-emetics that should help when I feel really sick.  I haven't taken one yet – I'm not thrilled about taking medicine in general, and especially not when I'm passing them to the baby – but I will if I need to.  She also told me to change up my work-out routine to a more pregnancy-friendly one, so goodbye Jillian Michaels!  I'm shopping around for some prenatal work-out DVDs and have gotten some nice suggestions already, although any more are welcome.

Anyway, that is why I have been so slack here, even though we are totally excited.  We bought the baby its first very own item – a sleeper from Target that has some cutie alligators saying "Chomp!" all over it.  It looks so sweet, folded in the bassinet.

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