New Knitting for the New Baby

My friend Clara gave me this gorgeous yarn right before I moved back to Alabama, and ever since I've been thinking about how awesome the yarn would be on a baby instead of as socks on my feet (it's sock yarn, I should explain).  Then, when I got pregnant, I knew the first thing I would make for the baby would be a Baby Surprise Jacket with this yarn.  This sweater is so tiny and squishy and bright!  I love this pattern; to me, it looks kind of rustic, which I think works well with this yarn.  Plus, BONUS, I had enough yarn left to make a hat!  I'll post that once I finish.
In pregnancy news, I seem to be experiencing just about every symptom there is – nausea, vomiting, food aversions, fatigue, mood swings, plus some other, slightly more (ahem) private ones.  I keep reading about pregnancy symptoms, hoping I can figure out why I feel so badly, but there's no real answer other than I'm pregnant.  Each one is different.  I just really hope all this mess passes soon; I'm ready for the more fun part of pregnancy that I miss from last time.  It should be coming soon enough!  Plus school starts in a month, and textbooks have started to roll in, so I have quite a bit to occupy my time.  I've decided to take three classes this semester and just one in the spring, when I'm due to have the baby.  I know I can do it – we just need to find a babysitter here đŸ˜‰

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