Summer Traveling

After being away from Alabama too long, we have been doing some extensive traveling this summer!  My latest trip was the first one I've taken with Hazel alone.  She and I went down to Chelsea to spend the night with our best friends Amy and Lola.  Amy and I have been friends for about 15 years now, and our daughters, at about 18 months apart, are destined to be BFFs too.  This was my first chance to see Amy's new house, also.  Hazel and I had an awesome time – pizza, spaghetti (I think we taught Lola to say "pasta" instead!  lol), lots of playing, and even some TV-watching.  It was blistering outside, so we couldn't get the girls out much, but they didn't seem to mind.  My tired pregnant butt didn't mind it either!  It was about 105 the entire time we were down!  We could only stay for one night, but we had a super blast.


While I was down that way I also went shopping for maternity clothes at Old Navy.  That store got me through my first pregnancy, and I was super bummed to learn that no Old Navy up here offers maternity.  Luckily this store was about 15 minutes from Amy's house, so I combined the trips!  I came away with some really nice things, too.  Bonus:  nothing was full price AND I had to buy smaller sizes than my last pregnancy!!!  
All right, enough jibber-jabber.  I am off to make some veggie steamed dumplings for this week's family get-together.  The theme this week is finger foods, so after wracking my brain for a bit, I came up with the idea for this dumplings.  I always try to bring something delicious and heavy on the veggies, since I have some family members who – ahem – aren't the most interested in vegetables.  This recipe will, I think, win them over!

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