Catch-Up Session!

I just noticed that it's only been eight days since I last posted, but man does that feel like forever!  I'll just take it one by one!  First, Amos has been working on making some Vietnamese and Thai food at home.  We both really love these types of food – I would go so far as to say it's my favorite – and since we haven't found a restaurant here that serves that food, he's been interested in learning how to make it at home.  His first attempt was SUPER AWESOME. Seriously – so, so good.

I have been craving it ever since.  All that green goodness is cilantro, Thai basil, and chives.  SO GOOD.
Lately Hazel, Amos, and I have been checking out all the local playgrounds.  We found a new one that is awesome – it even has mellophones, although the sticks are missing.  It's a wooden playground, built like a castle.  Hazel had a really good time going down all the slides, even the ones that were super tall and for big kids.  This is the only picture she let me take of her; lately she's been disinterested in the camera.  Let's hope it's just a phase!!!
I had another midwife visit this morning, which turned out to be more exciting than usual.  Because we couldn't hear the heartbeat and they do ultrasounds on site, we got to check on the baby with an ultrasound!  The little gummy bear was squirming and wiggling around an awful lot for a person who's only 2.5 inches long!  The baby was super duper cute.  Just like last time, I have added some directions to these pictures so you all can understand better what you're looking at.  So.  Cute.

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2 thoughts on “Catch-Up Session!

  1. Thanks! I don't think I'll be able to resist; I'm a serious planner, organizer, maybe control freak 🙂 Also I really, really want another girl, although my family is convinced this one is a boy because of how different this pregnancy is from Hazel's. We have six boys and one girl in the grandchild group, and I think we need some more girls to balance things out!

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