Feeding the Ducks

I think fall is on its way here down in the hot, hot South.  I mean, it's still 105 degrees in the day time, but in the evening things have been cooling off a bit.  That, plus a seriously decreased amount of nausea on my part (SCORE!), led my cute little family and I to the park this afternoon after picking up Amos from work.  We thought Hazel would have a fun time feeding the ducks, since we've been teaching her all about animals lately.  We were wrong.  She wanted to watch, but she refused to throw any bread at them.  I think she was a little nervous about it.

After checking out the ducks, we headed over to the playground.  This playground is a little bit too big for Hazel.  The slides are, seriously, like two stories tall.  Amos went down one with Hazel, and the static electricity alone could have powered the whole of Cincinnati.
Since the slides were out of the picture, we decided to check out the swings and dinosaur bike.  These were more Hazel's speed!  After that we just let her run around the park until it was time to get dinner.  Tonight it was Mama's choice – pizza and a movie!  We bought both Homeward Bound movies for Hazel (I loved those as a kid), and then we rented The Runaways for us and Confessions of a Shopaholic for me.  I love movie nights!!!

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