Birthday Girl!

Hazel is officially a toddler, or a kid, or something.  All I know is she's not a baby, and I might be more upset by it if I wasn't currently working on another baby.  We had a nice little party for her on Saturday.  Mostly the guests were family, although one of our neighbors stopped by as well.  Everyone was really awesome about keeping our family's sensibilities in mind, meaning that Hazel received no toys covered in SpongeBob or that little girl with the bowl cut (Dora?).  I was really proud and happy about that 🙂

So here are a few pictures.  This party was very low-key; basically we just had lunch, most of which was either very easy (pasta salad with a vinaigrette) or made by someone else (BBQ from Lawler's).  I didn't even have to make the cake – my stepsister took care of that and made a nice piano cake!  I set out musical instruments for the kids to play with while my grandpa played the harmonica and my little brother played the guitar.  Even so, even with all the help, I'm not completely thrilled with these pictures.  I guess it's just hard for me to take pictures and do anything else at all, LOL.  
ChillingPlayingFrisbeeHazel & NanaKazooHazel & NanaHazel

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6 thoughts on “Birthday Girl!

  1. Thanks! When I say "sensibilities" I mean how we feel about the world we construct for our daughter at home; that relates, for us, specifically to food & commercialism. We are strict about diet, in the sense that we do not feed her (or ourselves, generally) junk food or processed food, and also that we have rules about when/how we eat (as a family, not grazing all day, etc.). Also, we abhor branding and toys that are developmentally detrimental to kids. We also don't watch TV. So, that translates into lots of toys that stimulate imaginative play – blocks, crayons & blank paper, books, plain dolls (i.e. not Barbies, but dolls that just look like generic people) – and we do not allow characters, Baby Einstein, stuff like that. We're also sensitive to gendered assumptions in toys. So here I meant that I was really proud that everyone understood our position on these things and didn't buy her, say, a princess outfit or a Sponge Bob anything. Our position on these things goes against the mainstream attitude on lots of things, and my family generally is not as aware or determined about these things as we are, so I was just really happy that I could tell that they tried. Does that make sense?? LOL

  2. OH that makes total sense and I just swooned a bit! This is pretty much the EXACT same discussion and point I was attempting to make with my husband recently, and I actually completely agree with you!Will you be the mother of MY children?! HAHA totally joking, of course!

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