We Have a Mover & a Shaker

Yesterday was a hectic day.

I get up early to deal with Hazel’s breakfast, during which she rather avidly asks for a mena, or banana to us human folk.  Breakfast segues nicely into the pseudo-potty learning that is currently underway at our house.  Given that we have recently switched to cloth diapers, this is a refreshingly new adventure in parenting for us.  After shuttling Amos to work and Hazel to her one-woman daycare, which always involves a pleasant if sometimes lengthy discussion on random things, I started my commute to the University of North Alabama, where I’ve happily been a student for the past week and a half.  The commute begins with an hour drive to the top of a parking deck, then down the road level, where I take a shuttle to campus, and then walk a couple of blocks to my building.  This was a short day for me; instead of having a 10-10:50 class followed by a 2-3:15, I just had to go to my first class.  After chatting about Hemingway for an hour (and then adding on a little classmate convo at the end there), I hurried over to meet with my advisor, whom I discovered I totally love.  Seriously, I have a teacher crush on this man.  Oh, not the kind that involves a seduced me in bed next to a piano that Harvey Kietel totally carried from the beach so I could play it because it’s really my voice.  No, this is the kind that involves lots of research and guidance down different critical approaches and lots of coffee.  I love it.

After this day, driving home, I started working on a hormonal headache that only the pregnant can produce.  After running to daycare to give Hazel another dose of Benadryl for her allergies, Amos and I decided to meet for lunch at Luvici’s.  Now, I was starving by this point.  I even told the waitress that I was, and I quote, “pregnant and starving” not just once, but twice.  Two times I broke my normal my-business-is-my-business rule to tell this waitress that I meant business!  Unfortunately, this was the day that broke our Luvici’s tradition and had a not-awesome experience, but at least it did end, a full on HOUR later, with free dessert from a much-nicer replacement waitress.  Yeah.  It was weird.

Anyway, by the time I got home, about 4 hours later than I thought I would that morning, I was in a good mood overall, but really exhausted.  I decided to lay down and just sleep off the headache that I couldn’t take medicine for, and in that stillness I felt it.  The fluttering, tiny thumping, bubbly sensation that makes the nausea, headaches, and other gross stuff I won’t even mention worth it.  I felt the baby swimming around inside me ❤


2 thoughts on “We Have a Mover & a Shaker

  1. I truly cannot imagine the joy of feeling life growing inside of you! Really does seem like it makes all of the other stuff so worth it!

    How do you like cloth diapers, and did you just switch because Hazel doesn’t use her diapers as frequently now?

    • It’s really an amazing feeling, literally indescribable. What I wrote doesn’t come close to covering it!
      We actually meant to switch Hazel for a long time now. I was always interested, but before having her I didn’t know anyone who used them and was confused about which ones, the whole process really. After having her time slipped away from me, and when I met a new friend who used them, I decided to make a permanent switch. That was delayed a bit by our move to Alabama, but I am happy that we finally committed. And you know, it’s really not that difficult. I mean, talk to me when I’m dealing with 80 newborn poops a day (um…yeah I know, that was gross!), but for us, right now, I’m feeling really, really awesome about it.

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