Family Weekend

We had a rare treat this weekend:  Amos’s parents, Jim and Nancy, came down from St. Louis to visit us!  When they arrived late Friday night, Hazel was already asleep.  It was awesome to see her surprised face when they came into our bedroom Saturday morning after hearing Hazel’s normal raucous wake-up call!

Saturday we spent mostly in Florence.  There was a cute Italian restaurant there (and for those of you who don’t know, my father-in-law will pretty much only eat pasta, and yes I am serious), plus my campus, so we walked around the little historic district all morning.  Hazel got to see the lions that live on campus, which was fun to watch.

For lunch we headed to Ricatoni’s, which was pretty good.  The food was nice, but the service was what I have come to expect from a restaurant staffed mainly by teenagers/young college students.  Hazel was very cute asking for pasta!  They served homemade bread and oil with a house blend of spices, and that was the best of that variety of dish I’ve ever had out.

After a quick trip to the Salvation Army, where I scored a maternity skirt, we all drove home.  That night was quiet after Nancy and I made a quick stopover at my mom’s house, where my nephews were having a birthday party.  A very loud, mostly male, birthday party 😉

Yesterday unfortunately both Amos and I came down with some kind of allergies or cold, but we still had fun showing the Asian market off (Nancy’s going to try making pho!) and having lunch at the Macaroni Grill.  They headed back to St. Louis that afternoon, and we miss them already.  Thanksgiving can’t get here soon enough!


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