Another Week, Another Pregnancy Symptom

Y’all are tired of my complaining, right?  Because I am!

Seriously though, now that I am officially out of the first trimester (did you know it lasts for 14 weeks instead of the expected 12?  weird!) and heading into week 15, I seem to be trading nausea and its evil twin, It-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, for round ligament pain, cramping, and some lower back pain/sciatica.  And honestly, I am okay with all this.  That morning sickness mess is NO JOKE.  I will gladly take back pain any day, and luckily it seems like my day has come!  Otherwise, all is well on the pregnancy front.  I will see my midwife again on Wednesday morning for a check-up and yearly Pap smear (ick), and then I will make the next appointment.  THE appointment, the one you wait through the whole nasty first trimester for – the ultrasound where we look earnestly at the baby’s bits or pieces!  I’m very excited.  I truly admire those couples that can wait it out for the surprise, but I’m just not a part of one of them.  I need the prep time beforehand to organize.  I’m a planner, big time.

In other news, we had a normal (aka hectic) week followed by a nice weekend.  My poor husband worked until 2:30 AM on Friday (Saturday?) in order to have some free time with us, and we took advantage of it!  On Saturday we headed over to Pablo’s, where I had my first enjoyable cup of coffee since I became pregnant while Hazel beat Amos at some hybrid of checkers/chess.

The coffee was amazing.  Seriously.  I am so happy that I’m over that whole coffee-is-horrid thing.  After that we went to Art on the Square with Mama, which was thankfully relocated to the ASU gym (climate-controlled, people – it was 90 something degrees out there).  I picked up some cards, but couldn’t really afford any of the art pieces I liked.  Maybe later, alligator.  Then Hazel and Amos passed out for three hours while Mama and I did a little solo shopping.  We’re the only people I know that can kill three hours visiting three stores, one of which was Big Lots.  Yep.

Today at our regular Sunday gathering I snapped a couple of pictures of the kids playing outside.  I love the weather we had today – warm, breezy, but not humid or hot at all.  I’m so ready for this to be the new normal.


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