Tasty Additions

Yesterday was my big return to cooking, and in a way it was for Amos too – it just happened AFTER I drug my exhausted self to bed at 9 PM.  In New York he had a colleague named Mohammed, and on special occasions Mohammed’s  wife would make these amazing cookies.  They were tiny, very pale white/yellow, crumbly, buttery, and indescribably amazing.  We asked and asked for this recipe, but she would only offer to show me how to make them (she didn’t realize what a mistake that would be), saying that anyone she’d ever given the recipe to was never able to recreate them.  Time slipped away from us and I never went over to her house, but Amos and I always talked about her cookies.  Then, when his parents visited us a couple of weeks ago, bringing our favorite cookies from the Missouri Baking Co. in St. Louis, we realized how similar the cookies from that bakery were to the cookies from Mohammed’s wife.  Because my husband rocks, he did some research online and found a recipe he thought was close and made some last night, two-tone style like the kind from the Missouri Baking Co.

They look humble, but believe me when I say that these little cookies are to die for!  I’m lucky (cursed?!) to have a husband with such tasty cooking skills 🙂


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