Saturday Stuff

I have no creative title for this post.  Probably because Amos is in the kitchen making fresh gnocchi!  Today was busy and kind of lame, but in that normal way, you know what I mean?  So here’s a couple of photos.

Eating out with Hazel is just fun.  She loves to try all kinds of food, so we can go anywhere that we like and have something for her.  The only places we have trouble are fast food joints…hmmm, I’m shocked.

After going grocery shopping in Athens, we then drove all the way to Madison to go to Earth Fare for all the stuff that the Publix in Athens doesn’t have (don’t even get me started!!!).  We miss Tom’s!!!!!!

And here’s a photo of my husband’s delightful gnocchi!  This morning we caught part of Anne Burrell’s show on the Food Network, and she was making these huge poufster gnocchi.  Amos and I were talking about them later, driving the 45 minutes to Earth Fare, because gnocchi are one of his absolute favorite dishes.  We haven’t made them in a while, so today he decided to get the stuff and make this style (we usually for the more dense, mostly potato kind).  So here are his Basil & Ricotta Gnocchi (that he actually made with strained cottage cheese).


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