Supper’s Up!

Today I wrote a paper on Hemingway’s bitch characters (that always sounds funny, no matter how many times I type or say it, but it’s a recognized phrase for Hemingway criticism – see, funny!).  It was a short paper, only required to be up to 1250 words, but I finished way before I thought I would, in time for lunch, actually.  After lunch I just could not get motivated to do anything else, so I decided to take a break and watch the documentary Food, Inc. This is a great film; it is very accessible (i.e. not boring to those who don’t normally watch documentaries, I think) and really spanned the food industry business.  It definitely had an undertone of disbelief, but I’m telling you, after you watch this you will understand why.

After seeing the nasty treatment the animals undergo, and how all the mess they live in burns their skin and gets mixed up in the food (yes, I’m seriously serious) I was SO HAPPY that I usually can’t stomach meat from the grocery store and had made the trip to Earth Fare this weekend to buy organic, free range, hormone-free, happy chicken legs.  We had a great meal despite the stomach-churning footage I had just watched.  I love keeping up with this kind of research because it fuels my belief that how we are feeding our family is really the best that we can.

Happy chicken, green beans canned by my grandma this summer, and corn that Amos and I picked from their farm, shucked, scrubbed, cut off the cob, scraped (the milk from the cob), and froze this summer.  It was kind of a lot of work, especially compared to just buying some frozen corn from the store, but this wasn’t even cooked – not at any point in the process – and it is delicious, seriously mouthwatering.  I don’t even know that I’d share it with anyone because we only have about seven bags left.  Yeah.  It’s worth it.


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