Pumpkin Patch!

You guys have to know that I absolutely love fall.  I love the flavors, the colors, the weather, everything, so I was the most excited about our weekend trip to the pumpkin patch.  I scouted out a couple of options before settling on McGee Farm, which I felt was more homey and natural than some of the commercialized ones that were also close by.

Today we started out early, arriving right as the farm opened, and had a super fun few hours with Hazel on the farm.  We took a hay ride to the pumpkin patch and each chose our own pumpkin.  Hazel looked all over the pumpkin patch for one she really wanted, and the tiny one she chose is just adorable.  She kept rejecting pumpkins we showed her, saying they were all “too big,” until she found her tiny companion.  After the ride we saw the goats and chickens, played in the hay (neither Mama nor Hazel was much a fan – too itchy & sneezy!), and talked about all the different kinds of pumpkins that were on display there.  They had some truly gorgeous ones – the white variety, some so small they barely spanned the palm of my hand, the squatty French kind, huge orange globes perfect for carving, and some even a dusty green color that was similar to a Hubbard squash.

This farm has a little restaurant on the site, so we decided to have lunch there.  Hazel and I shared some white beans and cornbread while Amos tried the chicken and dumplings.  We were going to give the muscadine cobbler a go after lunch, but the three of us could barely roll ourselves to the car after our tasty, but totally filling, lunch.  I was right proud that we braved the 90 degree heat and stayed outside for half the day!  We left right at nap time so Hazel could sleep in the car, and now we’re taking advantage of the rest of the day by lounging around in jams while Amos makes that braised chicken and squash dinner that we all love so much…I guess I mean Hazel and I are lounging while he works!  😉

And here’s one last picture of Hazel.  It was kind of an accidentally taken photo, and the lighting was HORRIBLE, but look at her smile.  It’s lovely.  So I tried to fix this picture up a bit even though it would have been destined for the trash bin otherwise.


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