Camping and Other Fall-y Things

I don’t know if it’s because we’re expecting another baby, but Amos and I have been like the Cleavers lately.  Last weekend Amos and Hazel camped out in the backyard.  He made a fire in an old scratched pot that cost $4 from the Salvation Army.  We tried to teach her how to roast marshmallows, but she kept dropping her stick into the flames.  I let her have a bite of my s’more, but she was done after the second bite, eager instead to run around in the backyard using the new flashlight Amos bought her that morning.

This weekend is no different; if anything, it’s more fall-like.  We carved up the pumpkin I picked out yesterday morning.  It’s actual jack-o-lantern size.  The ones we got from the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago are all small enough for Hazel to easily hoist.  She kept running away from all the other ones, insisting that they were too big.  The one I got yesterday morning is a lovely, clear tangerine, with a pointy green stem that resembles a witch’s hat.  Amos did a wonderful job cutting up the pumpkin with a Dremel tool.  We have two; one small, happy practice pumpkin, and a smiling, goofy, buck-toothed big guy.

After Amos and Hazel were settled into the tent with books, glow sticks, and The Secret of Nimh playing on our small, portable DVD player (a special treat for using the potty so well this week), I headed over to a cook-out campfire at Danny’s sister’s house.  We had a great time around the fire, being silly and eating hot dogs.  Well, being the starving pregnant lady I’ve become, I should say I had fun eating s’mores, hot dogs, popcorn, and vegetable soup!

This morning, to top off the camping adventure, we had a special “camping breakfast” of cinnamon toast, homemade strawberry applesauce, and scrambled eggs.  Then Amos and I took our coffee back outside so we could build a fire and make pasta necklaces with Hazel.  She loves pasta, and she loves necklaces, but she had kind of a hard time getting the hang of putting the yarn through the rigatoni.  Scooping out pasta and handing it to us in turns was her major contribution, which she seemed to really enjoy.  We all have matching pasta necklaces now!

And here’s a little treat:  this is a video I took of Hazel acting silly while Amos and I were carving the jack-o-lanterns.  It’s linked off my Facebook page, which is normally completely private, but I took the privacy settings off so I could link it here.  I’ll leave it open for a week or so, but then I’m putting it back to private.  I hope you can view it before then (especially you, Nancy!).


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