We’ll Know Soon…

Today is actually the day we will find out the baby’s bits and/or pieces!  I am really excited, even remembered to pack a DVD so we can have a movie of the baby (!!!!!).  My excitement is slightly tempered by having to address an insurance problems created by the doctor’s office, though.  Long story short:  this office billed my NY insurance long after I provided them with my Alabama card, which meant I was kicked off the AL insurance.  So, I was technically not covered and would not have been all the way until after the birth, when we would have been charged with the whole bill.  They also lied about when we would be billed, assuring us that no bills would be sent until after the birth (they bill all the visits as one big pregnancy bill, and then the birth is billed as one big hospital stay).  Needless to say, I am FURIOUS, especially since I have asked this office three times to effect the change.  I despise people being disorganized and lying about very straightforward things.  Luckily Amos will be with me at this visit, and he’s agreed to handle the matter.  I would undoubtably blow my top.  As it is I’ll try, but will probably not be successful, in averting dragon lady snake eyes at the woman’s face.  I’m mad.

I’ll post later and hopefully will upload the video of the baby!  I’ll try to get that figured out!


Okay, so we went and I know!  (The insurance thing was handled very nicely by my calm-headed husband.)  I am not going to post anything about it here, though, until Amos calls his parents tonight.  Sorry 😉


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