Luckily, I Plan Ahead.

I had a feeling that saving all of Hazel’s best things, and especially those baby things she never really wore, would be a good idea.  And it really paid off today, as we found out we’re having another little girl!  ❤  That makes two girls vs. four boys in the grandchildren on my side of the family, and two girls only (both grand and great-grand) on Amos’s.  How are Amos and I supposed to fend off the spoilage from grandparents with those odds???  lol

We were able to take a DVD video of the ultrasound as well as get seven pictures, which is the most ultrasound loot I’ve ever heard of.  I will try to get the video up and running, but that will take some help from Amos.  Below are a couple of the best (clearest) pictures!

And here is the best shot!  She kept looking at the ultrasound wand, meaning we couldn’t get a good view at her profile.  For just a second or two she turned, and we got this quick picture in between her movements.  She was a wiggly baby, which is no shocker to me, as she has been very active this entire pregnancy.


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