Sick :(

I haven’t been very good at updating lately, mostly because of two things:  first, I’ve been writing a seriously huge paper, and second I’ve been taking care of Hazel, who’s had a really nasty cold, and then I caught that cold myself.  Today I even stayed home from school!  I know, it felt like a really big deal.  So I promise to update photos from Halloween soon.  Until then, here’s one I managed to squeeze in before all the writing and sickness struck the Confer household:

Because I’m wearing all black, you cannot tell that I’m pregnant; believe me, in person it was pretty obvious!  I was a witch, Amos was a NY taxi cab, and Hazel was Mrs. Brisbee from The Secret of NIMH, one of her favorite movies.  I am very proud of that costume, since I made it the night before Halloween.  Full story coming later 🙂


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