Mrs. Brisbee

This Halloween marked another first for Hazel – her first time trick-or-treating!  She is finally old enough to be fully aware of the whole event, including her costume.  Amos and I have had a fun two years dressing her up as whatever we wanted; first it was a meatball, then Liberace, and this year we had decided to dress her as a Rubik’s cube.  That plan was quickly aborted, though, after she had a nervous breakdown after we tried  the box on her.  Seriously – sobbing, breathless exhalations of “Mah-hom-ME” over and over, complete with shakes that would make an alcoholic in withdrawal seem stable.  It was kind of epic.  Of course, we let our super awesome idea go.  As it was only a week before Halloween, Amos and I were at a loss as to what to dress her as; eventually we decided on a black cat, mainly because she loves cats and it was an easy enough costume to put together.  Friday morning, the day before Halloween, I was daydreaming during a particularly boring class lecture and thought of another easy costume – Mrs. Brisbee from The Secret of NIMH.  She LOVES that movie, and I thought she might understand better what Halloween and dressing up mean if she could recognize the character.  Luckily she loved her costume!  We stood her up in the mirror so she could get a full view, and she did a little dance of joy.

Here are some long overdue photos!  The garden gnome is my nephew Henry, who was celebrating his first Halloween!

And as you guys know, Amos is usually the one who makes a crazy face, sort of messing up our coupley pictures.  He’s not the only one who can pull a weird face, though!  Right after we took this I showed him, and we both had a slightly hysterical laugh (Halloween spirit was gettin’ to us, I think).


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