Christmas Makings

Okay – you guys know that I love Christmas, right?  I can’t help it; as soon as November rolls around, I am ready for garlands and shiny ornaments and peppermint bark.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS STUFF!  Soon we’ll be decorating the house, and that’s got me thinking about all the adorable Christmasy things I am itching to get my hands busy working on; luckily, since I have a couple of AWESOME friends who are currently looking over the papers I’ve written a bit early, I might have the time to actually do some!!!  But I know I won’t get around to all of them (at least not before Christmas!), so I thought I’d post some here for you all to see.

First, this cutie Merry Christmas banner.  This one is technically for sale, but I can easily see making my own.

Now wreaths like this one were first spotted in Starbucks  a couple of years ago, but since they corresponded directly to Hazel’s birth I never got around to making my own.  This year I am definitely going to – this is just too awesome to not be hanging somewhere in my house!

Swoon, right?!  There’s also a tutorial with many examples of felt ornaments; the ice skates are my favorite!  Wouldn’t these be cute also as gift tags?

I am going to buy yards of felt and many skeins of Christmasy yarn tomorrow, I think.  Maybe if I have all the supplies here I can figure out some time to make things!


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