Long, Fun Saturday

Today has been so busy and productive I can hardly contain myself!  After a long, slightly disappointing breakfast at LuVici’s (sorry, guys, but breakfast is not your best) with Mama and Danny, Mama and I headed over to do a little Christmasy shopping before I headed home to decorate the house.  I had to make a tissue paper and Hershey’s Kiss run!  Amos and I have been working in the house all day, doing all kinds of random house stuff.  We cleaned, did laundry, made pecan bread (well, he did), filled out paperwork for Hazel for the new doctor, and a million other little things.  Our house is decorated, our tree is up, and all the gifts I’ve bought so far are happily wrapped underneath the tree.  Hazel did a surprisingly good job at hanging ornaments, although by the end of it she wasn’t all that interested.  Instead she chose to shuffle around the house wearing a pair of my boots with a weird little Santa bucket thing hanging off her arm like a little old lady debutante.  I don’t know why she’s making this supplicating pose, but believe me when I say that it was hilarious.  She’s also been big into repeating everything we say, so today, for example, she told me she was crazy and that she wanted a Diet Coke.

We also had to move furniture around to accommodate the new crib we have ordered for Julia.  I am rather sad about it; after living with Hazel in our room for about 18 months, I was so happy to move to a house with a room for her.  I had a clean, beautiful room for about a month before we found out we were pregnant again, and ever since it has been slowly degenerating into a child/adult room again.  Piles of baby clothes line the bassinet that is again in our room, and the lovely bookcase with all the breakable stuff I’m afraid to have in the living room has been moved to, you guessed it, the living room.  Once again we’ll be living with a baby.  I’m kind of bittersweet about it; it’s fun having the baby so close, not to mention convenient, but I do long for the day when Amos and I have our own space again.  Until then maybe I can cheer myself up with some adorable baby bedding.


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