Insurance AGAIN.

Yet again, the insurance company/doctor has made me furious.  I’ve written before a bit about how our insurance has been incorrect since we switched (October 1st), and YET AGAIN we have to deal with the fall out from the mistake from the doctor’s office.  In short, my midwife’s office incorrectly billed my insurance listing our NY insurance as my primary and our AL insurance as my secondary after the date of change.  From that one mistake I have had nothing but problems, as it took 30 days from the time we caught the error to correct it, and then an additional few days for the claims that were denied in that period to be retroactively paid.  I finally took care of it, and the claims were finally paid (despite lots and LOTS of denial and sarcasm from the midwife’s office).

So that’s old news, right?  I’ve made my peace with it now, and I look forward to that 6-week postpartum appointment when I will tell the midwife and the billing woman why, exactly, I’ll never be a patient there again.  Well, yesterday I got a call from Hazel’s doctor telling us to pick up another form for blood work.  As it turns out, the lab screwed up her blood specimen (we’re testing her for lead, since we rent this old house), and so we have to go have her blood taken again.  When I got home with this news, Amos told me that he’d received a paper from the insurance company saying that they’ve denied Hazel’s well-baby visit claim until her primary insurance makes a payment.  W.  T.  F.  Apparently, when the midwife incorrectly filed the claim, the insurance company RECORDED US ALL AS BEING COVERED BY ANOTHER PRIMARY INSURANCE COMPANY.  So, as of yesterday the 30-day countdown begins for Amos and Hazel to have corrected insurance information, and then after that sometime the doctor will get paid, and in the meantime we have to look like idiots.

Alabama, I wanted to move back here, but you are making it very difficult for me to maintain a normal blood pressure.


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