27-ish weeks

Dudes, I can’t believe it’s only been that long.  I feel SO BIG.  I don’t know how we’re going to last another 13-15 weeks together!  Today I went in for the nasty glucose test (results pending, but I feel confident that all will be well) and my last ultrasound before Julia goes overdue (again, feeling pretty confident that will happen).  She has shifted position so that her head is down and her feet are up, just like everything should be.  Hopefully she’ll stay in this position until she is born. 

This is the best picture from today.  She’s looking right at the ultrasound wand, so you can see two dark spots which are her eyes and a vague outline of her nose and chin.  All through the ultrasound the midwife was trying to get a clear view of her genitalia just to reconfirm that she’s a she, but Julia had a foot jammed right in the way almost the whole time!  Right at the end we caught a quick glimpse.  She was so sweet; it’s fun to think about bringing her home from the hospital in the same blanket that held Hazel, me, and my mom and wearing the same outfit that both Hazel and I wore home.  I’m ready to see this baby now, for many reasons.

Incidentally, this morning Hazel told me that Julia was in her belly, “right there,” and that Julia was also eating all her food.  That child doesn’t know how close to the truth she really is!



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