Snow Day

Snow day!  We are blanketed in several inches (maybe 5?  6?) of powdery snow, so the entire town has shut down.  Our poor sitter and her family are even snowed into Birmingham, which was just another reason to keep Hazel home with me today.  This morning I made a special breakfast – oat bran pancakes with strawberry & raspberry sauce.  As you can see, Hazel was happy!

Whoa – as I was typing this earlier, I heard a huge crash & wail in the hallway.  Poor Hazel tripped over her tricycle and bit her lip!  After lots of tears, hugs, and cold cloths to the lip, she’s okay and settled into her bed for a nap.  That poor child.

Earlier we played a little in the snow, and Hazel showed that she was more like her mama than her daddy.  She was not that excited by the snow, and although she was hot to go outside, once we were out there I realized that it was because she wanted ME to build a snowman while she watched from the porch!  She did walk in the snow some, but honestly I don’t blame her for being hesitant; the however many inches it is comes up to her thighs.  I wouldn’t want to wade through thigh-high snow drifts either!


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