Julia Update

I just went to the midwife (well I just ate a boatload of chips and salsa, but before that I was at the midwife’s).  Julia is doing fine, about 16″ long at this point and 4-ish pounds.  I’ve only gained about 17-20 pounds (hence the chips and salsa craving, maybe?  LOL).  Everything is awesome, except that Julia is back to a breech position again.  She’s actually in an oblique breech position, which means that instead of being straight up and down she’s diagonally head-up in there.  What I thought were kicks are really punches!

She has several weeks to turn again, which the midwife said was likely.  If she’s still upside down at about 35 or 36 weeks, then we’ll start talking about what’s called an external version, during which my midwife and attending doctor will try to force her to turn as a result of outside pressure.  The worst case would be that I have to have a c-section.  I’m trying not to be very upset about the higher possibility of such a stupid birth, but it’s difficult to remain completely logical in this hormonal state.  Until then I’m going research a bit about encouraging the baby to turn on her own; there are some techniques that might help.


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