February Baby Sweater (technically finished in January, though)

Last semester, in school, I was all worried about what I would do in the months before Julia is born.  Hazel still goes to daycare all day, and Amos is of course gone at work, and so I’m here alone until March 15th (or April 1st, knowing how my body likes to hold on to babies).  I even borrowed some books on feminist criticism from one of my professors, so worried was I.  Well, I’ve had a humbling dose of reality, since all I’ve wanted to do since getting home from our Christmas vacation is knit!  I’ve got projects for Christmas presents, projects for friends’ new babies and kids, and some projects for Julia planned.  Last night I finished one for Julia!

This gorgeous pattern is my first lace project and was written by the master of knitting, Elizabeth Zimmerman.  Her patterns are notoriously short and pithy, so I’m always really happy when I can get through one!  I had leftover yarn from a shawl I made for my grandmother last year, and so now Julia has a matching silvery lavender cardigan.



4 thoughts on “February Baby Sweater (technically finished in January, though)

  1. I LOVE knitting baby items. Yours is so beautiful. And what a great way to spend the time – knitting beautiful baby items.

    If you are longing to Knit A LOT, join me via my blog this Thursday, Jan. 20th 8am EST or whatever time suits you! I am taking a vacation day and knitting ALL day in the hopes of moving some of my Works-in-Progress to finished status. If you’re interested, take a peek at my blog, I’ve posted details over the last couple of days. And if you do join in, I’d love to see pictures of what you’ve worked on!

    Thanks and Have a GREAT Day!

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