Target has this fun $1 section at the front of every store, and I’m seriously addicted to it.  I’ve gotten all kinds of fun stuff from there over the years.  Recently I picked up a couple of board books for Julia; they are done in black, white, and red to be more eye-catching for little babies, which I thought was cool.  Hazel likes them too, and imagine our surprise when we read through one of them with her.  The book is called “My Hand, Your Hand,” and each page has one adult version of something and then a baby version of the same thing.  Here’s one of the pages…notice anything familiar?

Yes, that is literally MY FACE.  Or it could be, don’t you think?  When we got to this page Hazel said, “Mama’s face, your face.”  It’s kind of creepy, right?  Sort of creepy-cool.


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