Baby Update

I just got back from the midwife’s office, and I’m very happy to say that Julia is in a head-down position, just like she should be!  The chances that she will turn sideways or breech again are slight, but because she’s been so flippity floppity we’re doing an ultrasound again in two weeks to confirm the position.  I’m so excited – we are definitely planning for a vaginal birth, YAY!  I had completely prepared myself for a section, plus an ECV (to turn the baby manually), so I am really really happy that those things have now become less probable than a regular birth.  The only kind of weird thing about her position is that she’s sunny-side up, or lying on her back, looking up towards my belly and not down towards my back.  This is kind of uncomfortable, as her knees and feet are pushing up on my belly (explains the very high, very OUT way my stomach looks), but I think it’s kind of funny.  I wonder if she’ll be such a mover when she’s out of the womb.


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