Happy Balentime’s Day

Hazel has been talking about Balentime’s (you locals may understand her accent to mean “Valentine’s”) Day for a couple of weeks now, mainly because she’s been a little obsessed with heart shapes.  She could recognize that shape early on/months ago, so I think she was pretty delighted to find out there is apparently a whole holiday dedicated to the heart shape.  Last week, her doctor told her she was going to listen to Hazel’s heart and asked if Hazel knew where it was, and she said it was on Valentine’s Day.  It was pretty sweet.

Happy Valentine's Day!

This morning I peeled myself out of bed long enough to trade Valentines with the family.  I’m super sick – again – with a horrible cold that has me wheezing all night and just staring into the distance all day.  I was up for a few hours this morning just coughing, so I didn’t get up on time to do our normal morning routine.  But I wanted to see Hazel before she went off to daycare on her first big Valentine’s Day!

We got Hazel a balloon and I knitted her a doll (better pictures of that later), and Amos got both of us very sweet cards.  Last night we all baked our favorite Buttermilk Snickerdoodlers, which will be Hazel’s special snack at her daycare party today.  Valentine’s Day was never a big deal for the two of us before kids, so I didn’t expect tons of flowers or candy.  What I did get, a goofy card with this goofy poem in the characteristic way of my husband, is way better than that:

Here’s a Valentine

with a sappy rhyme

For a lady who’s fine

Carrying babies of mine

From time to time…

Don’t hurt your spine

Cutiepie Valentine

Love, Amos



3 thoughts on “Happy Balentime’s Day

  1. OMG I absolutely LOVE Amos’ Valentine Rhyme!! Hazel has always been too cute for words, but this whole thing reminds me of me when I was little. Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday, because I was all about the love. I loved making cards that were heart shaped, and my favorite shape has always been a heart. (I could talk all day about pissing off school teachers when they used to ask what my favorite shape was.) My favorite color to this day is red, and I love chocolate. I was born for this day! Though I will note, I NEVER get chocolate on Valentine’s day, I buy it days before when I start to crave it cause I just can’t wait!

  2. Thanks, guys! Jess, I have a master plan to buy at least a couple of boxes of candy after today when it goes on sale. I LOVE Valentine’s candy!! I have probably already had my share for this year, too 😉 And isn’t my husband adorable? ALL my holiday cards have intentionally goofy poems or messages. I love them (him).

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