The House that Sickness Built

Dudes, we have been sick up in this house.  I mean feet dragging, no appetite, taking really hot showers just so you can cough up stuff sick.  First Hazel came down with something respiratory and nasty.  After she spiked a fever at 102 I took her in to the doctor, who diagnosed her with a sinus infection.  Ok, not too horrible – two missed days of daycare spent on the couch watching movies and hanging out with Corduroy (her bear).  Kind of nice, actually, to have her home and snuggly with me, although it sucked that she was feeling bad.  The doctor prescribed an antibiotic and a strong cough medicine, and within a day of the first dose she was noticeably better.

And then I got sick.  All during this pregnancy it seems like I’ve kept a cold, or a sore throat, or a stomach bug.  My immune system has just been in overdrive since last June (yep, I’ve been pregnant since JUNE), so any tiny virus or bacteria that was on anyone’s anything has made me deadly ill while everyone else sailed merrily along.  At Christmas, in St. Louis, I got a pretty bad virus that presented like the flu.  The doctor there told me that no medicine would help, so I just weathered it out for two weeks or so.  Last week I felt the same – absolutely fatigued, no appetite whatsoever, hard cough, difficulty breathing, and no voice.  I didn’t go to a doctor here, expecting s/he to tell me the same thing I heard at Christmas.  When I visited my midwife, though, she sounded concerned at how hard it was for me to breathe and prescribed an antibiotic, saying that if it had been a cold it was now a bacterial infection in my lungs or chest.  I just finished the z-pack yesterday, and while I still have a hacking cough I am otherwise better.

I was looking forward to getting back to normal this week, but that’s not in the cards.  Hazel woke up with a rash on her face and lightly sprinkled across her chest; by our 11 AM doctor’s appointment it had spread all over her body, even to the soles of her feet and in between her fingers.  It was FREAKING ME OUT.  She’s never been sick like that before, and I swear every time I took her in to potty I could see it growing down her legs.  The doctor told us it was either an adverse reaction to the antibiotic she is on for her sinus infection or the hand, foot, and mouth disease, which is just a virus that makes a small fever and a rash that covers those parts of the body.

Since it got worse this morning she’s actually gotten a little better.  It’s not in her mouth and it looks a little better on those last parts of her affected, so I think it was a reaction against her antibiotic (which we gave her like normal this AM before the appointment).  I feel so sorry for her little body!

So that’s what’s been going on in the Confer household.  We have been sick, and Amos has had to make very small, very boring dinners.  I am still knitting for the breast cancer shop, although I’ve put it on hiatus until after Julia is born.  I have had some special requests via email, so I’m still working on those!  It’s been awesome, you guys.  I’m so happy people are willing to pay for these things – we’re going to raise a killer donation for the walk!

Tomorrow we go to have another ultrasound, hopefully the last one, to double check my little acrobat’s position.  We are 99% sure she’s head down, but my midwife suspects that she’s also facing up (as in facing out the same way that I do, not back into my spine like normal).  This isn’t such a big deal except that it is usually the reason behind “back labor,” which you may have heard of.  It’s supposed to be more painful.  My midwife says this is because the baby’s spine contracts down along my spine, with all those nerves getting a constant pressure during the labor.  That sounds more painful!  Anyway, I don’t really care as long as we avoid a c-section!  Tomorrow I’ll put up a picture, maybe even a video of the ultrasound!  About three more weeks (and hell, maybe less if I’m lucky)!



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