One Last Ultrasound Picture

Julia at 37 weeks

We went in this morning to check up on Julia, and everything looks good!  She is head down, which is awesome, and facing generally up or to the side, which is fine.  I am totally effaced, not dilated, and generally looking ready to give birth soon.  The midwife said that I could reasonably go into labor any time now.  This is FANTASTIC news, as I remember hearing “no, not anytime soon” over and over with Hazel until we hit the 42-week mark.  I am so, so ready for this baby to be here.  In the picture above, she’s looking right at the ultrasound wand with her hand tucked up under her chin.  Can you see it?  It took me a while to see her face because I was searching for a profile.  Her face looks so shmushed!


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