Family Portraits

For all that I love taking pictures, I cannot stand to have my picture taken.  I’ll be honest – for years, as long as I can remember, I’ve been very self-conscious and aware of my looks, my weight, and how I must appear to other people.  It pervades my thoughts, even during moments where it shouldn’t, like pregnancy.  With Hazel I barely took any pictures of myself because all I could see was how wide my cheeks get when I smile or my double chin or my calves.  After I went through that pregnancy my perspective started to change.  I didn’t have a life-altering moment where I suddenly dropped all that old baggage and gave myself a big mental hug.  Instead, I just found myself marveling at what my body had done and continued to do as I nursed Hazel and watched her grow.  More than anything I wanted to spare her as best I could all the junk that I put myself through, and so I finally admitted that if I continued to berate myself that she would most likely pick it up too even if I never commented on her body.  After that I really tried to understand and change those habits in myself, which led me to exercise.  I started slowly, having never been able to exercise for many weird reasons, and by the time I got pregnant with Julia I was riding my bike several miles a day, doing the Jillian Michaels DVDs, and swimming as much as I could while the weather held.  It was awesome, feeling so strong and actually in control for once.

So in this pregnancy, I vowed that I would not let my hang-ups interfere with the memories of the family, and to that end I decided to have some nice portraits taken of the family while I was really pregnant with Julia.  One of my old friends, Sarah Hart, is now a freelance photographer who takes lovely pictures, and she was nice enough to take some of us!  You can find her beautiful work at Pictures from the Hart.



2 thoughts on “Family Portraits

  1. First off, I LOVE your new perspective! It is one that I’m working on, too.

    And second, you are a DARLING pregnant Mama! Those photos came out really nice!

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