Chili Challenge

If you know us, then you know Amos loves those goofy community events surrounding food.  He’s made pizzas for all the members of our NY CSA; he slaved for 13 hours, no lie, to make his delicious brown potatoes for a potato challenge in Clinton.  Naturally, as soon as he heard about the Chili Challenge fundraise for Hospice that is held every February in Athens, he was all on board.  My sweet husband got people at ASU to sponsor him, and he made his super awesome, super tasty chili.  I didn’t get a picture of it because his booth was crowded the entire time I was there!  I can’t tell you all his secrets, but I will say that he uses no tomatoes, chili powder, or beans.  It’s real chili, not a tomato & chili powder soup.  We thought for sure that people would probably not like it, just being more accustomed to something more soupy, but they went crazy!  He won the Critic’s Choice category, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Here are a couple of pictures with Amos, Hazel, and the awesome cow sculpture created by art students at ASU.













2 thoughts on “Chili Challenge

  1. I have to admit: I’ve never had chili without beans. I thought chili WAS beans!

    Oh wait- I guess I have had chili verde and chili colorado, but that may not be what you mean by chili.

    I know you can’t give away his secret recipe, but do you think you could possibly find a similar style chili recipe and link it to me? It sounds amazing!

    • I looked around and I can’t find a recipe that’s even close! I know what ingredients he used – brisket, beer, Mexican oregano, cumin, pepper, chilis – but I don’t know how he put it together. When he gets home tonight I’ll ask him if he minds me posting his recipe online; he likes to pretend to be secretive, but I know he truly likes it when people want the recipes he makes up 😉

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