The Oven is Still On

I am still pregnant.  And I really shouldn’t be so weary about it, seeing as I still have five days before my actual due date, but holy moly if I don’t feel like a Hot Pocket most of the time.  I am FULL of baby.  And I waddle.  Things are looking good, though, according to my midwife.  She estimates Julia’s weight at about 7.5 lbs., give or take a 1/2 lb. either way, and I am choosing to look at this as a sign that maybe she will come before the dreaded 42-week mark.  Hazel was 42 weeks and 8 lbs, 2 oz, which isn’t super large for a baby that late.  I hope Julia’s around the same (although I read that the second + babies are usually larger than the first one).  All in all, everything looks to be on track and normal.  I have 5 days left until my due date, and I hope to fill them with knitting, rocking on the birthing ball, visualization techniques, and maybe some chocolate.


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